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  • by Roberto Rocha
  • published from Canada
  • on 2010.01.09

Telling my boss I’m leaving

The newspaper world, you may heard, is going through a savage depressive episode. My company is no exception. In fact, the paper I work for is now on sale as the parent company braves creditor protection.

I have an exciting job that pays me well. There are young journalists who would commit public arson to have what I have.

And yet, I’m putting it on hold for one year.

And it might not be there when I come back.

I must be insane. That’s certainly what I expected my colleagues to say when I informed them of my decision.

This is what they said.


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  1. Hello!
    Yor website is great! I enjoyed the “Telling the boss I’m leaving” video and Bianca’s reasons to travel the world.
    I’ll be visiting often!


    by Gilda Salomone on 2010.01.11
  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lbourgon: Brilliant video! RT @lisareports Mont Gazette tech reporter @robroc leaves paper to travel. Here’s the video:

    by uberVU - social comments on 2010.01.11
  3. Well done! I’m pretty sure you will not regret this, even if your job is not waiting for you when you come back. Travel expands and enhances us. Too many journalists have too little experience outside their own culture. After your year of roaming, you will be a different person — probably more tolerant, wise, patient and humble. It’s all good.

    by Mindy McAdams on 2010.01.11
  4. Have a very good year! Enjoy yourself! and yes, we’ll miss you.

    (love the video!)

    by Sebastien Provencher on 2010.01.11
  5. I hope they don’t expect me to start doing videos like this for them :) LOL. Great to see everyone’s faces in this video. We’ll miss you Roberto!

    by Mitch Joel - Twist Image on 2010.01.11
  6. Roberto, this is priceless. I love it. Your boss’s reaction is hysterical. You couldn’t have scripted it better.

    Well done and good luck to you on your world travels.

    by David Jones on 2010.01.11
  7. I love it…I think this is a great vid and I think you are making the right move. You don’t want to spend your life regretting…”what if I..”.

    Go Roberto!! I hope you are going to update this from wherever you may venture.


    by Alisaan on 2010.01.11
  8. Roberto,

    Great decision! Looking forward to seeing your updates from around the world.



    by Mark Evans on 2010.01.11
  9. I loved this video. Very entertaining and the different reactions were interesting. Travel, sabbatical, horizon-broadening is NEVER a bad thing. Congrats and good luck!

    by Louise on 2010.01.11
  10. You’re doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. Well done and good luck.

    Peter Zimonjic

    by Peter Zimonjic on 2010.01.11
  11. Wow! You’ve come a long way since those campaign video footage we both tried to do with flip cameras.
    Good luck on your trip, stay safe and enjoy telling some great stories along the way.

    by Liz Thompson on 2010.01.11
  12. Highly entertaining video! Makes me homesick for Montreal. I remember the Gazette used to have a section called “Woman News” where all articles focusing on women’s rights and issues were assembled in one weekly section for men to conveniently ignore in mass fashion. “Great, I can skip right to the sports section!” Why include stories about women in all the other daily sections when you can relegate them to a weekly insert? I wonder if they still do this….

    by Keith on 2010.01.11
  13. Roberto – great video and all the best during your year off to explore the world. The Gazette is going to miss a person of your caliber; but you will do just fine. It was a pleasure being interviewed by you and hope our paths cross again.

    by Darby Sieben on 2010.01.11
  14. Gilda: Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to see you here and to know that you liked what you saw! We surely hope to see you around, often.

    To all the others: I will let Roberto do the blushing and thanking himself! 8)

    by Bianca on 2010.01.11
  15. I am blown away by all the comments here, especially coming from so many people I admire. Thank you, folks. Thank you.

    by Roberto Rocha on 2010.01.11
  16. The one guy who says, “I generally think leaving the country is a bad idea… the city even.” is hilarious. Haha.

    And your boss’s reaction was great too.

    I hope you enjoy your trip! I’m doing something similar right now, one week into living in Kolkata, India and I’ve been super homesick. But I hope it gets better. Heading off to Malaysia and Singapore today.

    I hope everything goes great for you.

    by Heather Li on 2010.01.11
  17. Have the time of your life. Safe travels. Eric

    by Eric Tang on 2010.01.12
  18. Roberto,

    Enjoyed the video. Good move. Go for it.

    Don Macpherson

    by Don Macpherson on 2010.01.12
  19. Best of Luck! Trailblaze a new way to tell good, untold, missed stories and have fun!!

    by Kris Reyes on 2010.01.12
  20. Roberto,

    Your trip sounds like a wonderful idea! Go do it! I really liked the video too, The Gazette should put it on their website.

    Whatever happens, if you’ve got the initiative to go round the world for a year, you’ve got the initiative to find a new job.



    by Richard on 2010.01.12
  21. Good Luck Roberto!

    Awesome vid and it seems you’re doing the right thing!

    by Greg Isenberg on 2010.01.12
  22. Beto,

    Que video bacana! Adorei, este blog promete! Vou ficar grudada pra ter noticias de voces! Se cuida e cuide dela, ok? Conto com você! Beijos da sogrinha!


    by Eliana Saia on 2010.01.12
  23. You rock. Keep us posted. Let me know if you need a place to stay once you get to Sao Paulo.

    by Chris Arsenault on 2010.01.12
  24. How very entrepreneurial of you Roberto. Leaving is a risk I am sure you will love. Clearly you will be missed.

    by Philippe Telio on 2010.01.12
  25. It’s AMAZING what you guys are doing!!! I am proud and excited to have friends like you. That’s THE MOMENT. You don’t have kids yes!!! The blog is very attractive and inspiring. You guys can profit in all ways from this trip, even in a professional way, my God, you are both journalist!!!! Look at what Bruno Blanchet is doing with his trips around the word. And you guys can give a total different perspective, from the eyes of a young couple. ENJOY!!!!

    by Ana Cano on 2010.01.13
  26. Oh Ana! You have always encouraged me so much, I thank you lots and lots for that because I also admire you so. Thank you for the compliments.

    May your words be heard. Inshalá!

    by Bianca M. Saia on 2010.01.13
  27. Great idea, hilarious video. Wishing you amazing travels Roberto!

    by Noah Bloom on 2010.01.13
  28. Risky? Yes. Worth it? Yes again. Learn lots.

    by sherryll on 2010.01.15
  29. The best move I every made was quitting the Toronto Star in March, 1969 and travelling around the world. It was supposed to last a year, I returned in October, 1973. I played, I worked, I observed, I lived. You will too.
    Irwin Block

    by Irwin Block on 2010.01.17
  30. Hi there,
    Great idea. I moved to Europe almost three years ago. There are lots of people who think I’m nuts, but it’s a big world out there, and Canada is frankly pretty provincial, when you get right down to it.

    Journalists need to swim with the big fish if they really want to make a difference in the world, and I applaud you for pursuing a dream. Forget the naysayers, what are their arguments against you experiencing firsthand what you as a journalist are supposed to experience firsthand? Exactly,

    (opera singer from Toronto now living in Europe)

    by Matthew Zadow on 2010.01.19
  31. Enjoy it buddy!

    by Marc Chriqui on 2010.01.22
  32. Just remember, Roberto. Travel expands the mind. Overhead storage bins crush Luciano Mello CDs.

    by Earl Fowler on 2010.01.26
  33. Luciana, that is. No wonder Jillian keeps looking at me so funny.

    by Earl Fowler on 2010.01.26
  34. great site! love the video too

    by tyler cavell on 2010.01.26
  35. Well done, Roberto. I too question your risk here, but good luck!

    by Matthew Ross on 2010.02.06
  36. That’s a great decision! Enjoy and best of luck!

    Eric “kara”

    by Eric on 2010.02.06
  37. Priceless!

    by Rafa Prada on 2010.02.06
  38. I also know your replacement, Jason Magder. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes your column in….

    by Matthew Ross on 2010.02.07
  39. LOVE this video. Thanks so much for sharing this moment with us, and thanks , too, for putting a face to the names of people I’ve worked with for years, but whose paths I’ve never crossed. Such fun!

    by Michelle Sullivan on 2010.02.13
  40. muito engracado!!!! LoL
    se eu tivesse “the guts” que vcs dois têm, faria a mesma coisa!!!! e pode crer q nao concordo com o cara q disse q era burrice deixar o emprego e o pais, pelo contrario, vcs vao adquirir experiencias e conhecimentos inimaginaveis, além de viver momentos inesqueciveis!!!! boa sorte!!!

    by Silvana on 2010.02.17

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