What are Custom Military Coins for?

Custom military coins are also called custom challenge coins. They were originated in World War I. The initial function of these coins is to denote identity among the different military units. The first to use challenge coins was an American squadron. The wealthy lieutenant of the said squadron brought coins for all the members of his unit. One member placed his on a small pouch that he attached in a lanyard. He wore the lanyard around his neck. The day after that, his aircraft was badly damaged by ground fire so he was force to land in the area of his enemy.

The American soldier was captured and was about to be killed. Lucky for him, a commotion occurred which became his chance to flee. He reached the French ground and was captured again because the French did not recognize his American accent. They were already planning to execute him when he presented his coin to them. One of the French recognized the coin and so instead of killing the American soldier, they gave him a drink.

When the entire unit learned the story of the American, the lieutenant required all of them to carry their coin at all times and at all circumstances. The coin, later on, became known as challenge coins because of a game that the soldiers had invented. A challenger will come to another member of the unit, and then he will ask the challenged to present his coin. If the challenged was able to do so, the challenger has to buy him a drink. If the challenged was not able to do so, he has to buy his entire unit a drink.

Custom Coins

During those times military coins were strictly used by the soldiers. Today, anyone can now have their own custom military coins. You can choose either those which were used years ago in historical wars or the new ones which are ready for customizations. We have both at a reasonable price.

Our challenge coins are of excellent quality. They have striking hues, designs, and textures. They are for any function including the following.

Military Coins as Historical Display

Some museums that feature historical artifacts have antic medallions or coins displayed on glass containers. If you ask the museum’s facilitator, you would learn that those coins carry rich history just like the first custom military coins in the story above.

You can own one of these historical coins too. Feel free to browse our gallery to find one that catch you interest. We also have different containers that would elegantly present your coin to your guests. You can place it on your living room. It will then become a great conversation starter.

If in case you want your coin to speak about you rather than about what happened in the past, we can help you create a design. Your custom coin can have a unique shape and cut as well.

Military Coins as Medals

Military Coins One of the most common functions of military coins is to be a form of recognition. This is applied in military. Soldiers who have accomplished a challenging task will be able to get one. A member of a unit who was outstanding will also be given a coin. Military coins boost these soldiers’ morale and inspire them to perform even better. It is also applied in schools and other institutes.

If you are organizing a competition, a custom coin will be a great award for your winners. We can engrave or emboss the title of your competition together with the title of the award on both sides of the custom coin.

Custom Coins in Marketing

If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more. We have affordable custom military coins that you can use on your marketing campaigns. Boost your sale with custom coins containing your brand name and logo. Your target market will surely love these unique items.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. We could go from simple to intricate.

Our design team is much willing to help you come up with the best marketing symbol to help your business. If you are looking for a different marketing material, look no more to challengecoins4less.com.


Styles Of Badge Lanyards

Who uses lanyards?

What we wear from head to foot is a fashion statement. When we travel to our workplaces or schools, people see our outfit and what they see may make or break their impression of us. Badge lanyards play an important role in this impression.

Badge LanyardsFrom schools to offices, using lanyards as ID cords is a growing trend. The majority of companies are saying goodbye to the traditional way of holding ID cards. These ID card cords are no longer just an accessory; they also double as advertisements with the use of badge lanyards. Hence, wearing lanyards with the name of the company or school you are proud of is important. Show off your pride with this new fashion statement—badge lanyards.

What lanyard materials are there?

Badge lanyards come in various materials. When choosing which material to use, consider certain factors such as durability, text legibility, cost, and the like. We offer you the best in style when it comes to this new fashion statement.

Here are some of the materials we use for our lanyards:

1. Polyester lanyard is the most popular lanyard style because it offers a stylish appearance in an affordable price. It appeals to many because of the sleek quality of its material.

2. Tubular lanyard is the most cost efficient lanyard. It best suits people who want to look professional but are on a budget. Its material is not as smooth as polyester but customized texts can still be printed on it.

3. Woven lanyard is the most elegant lanyard style. It is recommended for simple designs as it aids in text legibility.

4. Nylon lanyard comes in premium quality. It has the most brilliance and highest visibility among others. With this type of material, people will know you did not compromise value for quality.

5. Dye sublimated lanyard is ideal for designs that won’t easily fade, peel or crack. This type of material is best for long term use and durability.

6. Cord lanyard is the newest style in the market. They are simple but easy on the pocket.

These materials are all available in a wide variety of colors. Pricing for the lanyards are based on quantity of order, width of the lanyard, desired style, and attachment. Price is an important factor to consider but be sure not to compromise quality and style.

As for attachments, we also offer a wide variety of choices. Attachments are the ones at the end of the cord used to hang identification cards, external flash drives, whistles, and whatnot.

We have two types of attachments: the free and the paid. Here are the types of attachments we offer:

1. Free attachments- thumb trigger, bulldog clip, key ring, swivel j hook

2. Paid attachments- cell phone loop, thumb hook, plastic j hook, oval hook, no swivel j hook, carabiner hook.

Choose not only the right material of cord to use but also the right attachment. Base your choice on your needs, such as who will use the lanyard and what kind of attachment will best suit the user. Now you have the freedom to customize your lanyard the way you want. For any tips or for quotes, do not hesitate to ask us for help.

Which style will suit you?

When choosing lanyards, pick the material that will best suit you. With the wide array of choices, your imagination is the only limit to you coming up with the best lanyard design. We offer you different styles, colors, and materials that are not offered by the traditional ID cords.

Material and quality and more important that product cost. Choose the lanyard company that offers the best prices but does not compromise when it comes to quality. Our lanyards are usually sold cheaper when they are bought in bulk. As a tip, wholesale lanyards are the best option.

Make your outfit a head-turner; switch to badge lanyards, the newest fashion statement!

Badge lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers while keeping your staff secure at the same time. Click here www.wholesalelanyards.com website to know more about lanyards.


The Versatility Of Lanyards

Do you always lose your USB flash drives? Do you need an identification card holder? Or are you thinking of a souvenir? If you do, then you are in need of a lanyard. Click here the-lanyard-factory.com for more details about lanyards. We offer you lanyards that would not only be very useful as accessories for your electronic devices, but something you can easily custom to fit your needs!

What are the choices?

Our lanyards are very versatile, as there are many options for materials and attachments you can choose from. Aside from this, you have the freedom to decide whatever design or text you want to be printed on your lanyard without limits on the colors or characters.

There are nylon fabrics that accommodate the clearest printed details and intricate designs. After the text or design is silk printed on the surface, they would have a glossy sheen that would make it look a lot more attractive and smooth to touch.

If you want a design that incorporates many colors, we offer you full color or dye sublimated fabrics as one of the best options. Photographic and multi-colored images can even be printed on this type of fabrics.
Custom lanyards
Tubular fabrics, on the other hand, are one of the most comfortable to wear or carry. Like that of a shoelace, tubular fabrics are created by stitching polyester materials, making it thicker than other kinds of fabrics. The design or text of your choice can also be silk-screen printed on its surface.

One type that looks different when it comes to its shape is the cord lanyard. These are rounded fabrics that make the text or design more visible. Attractive and cost-effective, this usually has a diameter of ¼ inches and length of 36 inches.

The most common type is the polyester lanyard. The text and designs are screen printed on the surface one at a time to provide a clear detail.

Woven fabricss use the same materials as the polyester fabrics, but the design and the text are embroidered on the surface instead of being silk-screen printed. Because of this, the designs would not easily fade.

Aside from the materials used, you can also decide what attachments would be utilized for your accessory. We have bulldog clips, thumb hooks, cell phone loops, carabiners, oval hooks and a lot more attachments that would surely suit your needs.

How much would it cost?

The prices depend on the kind and size of the lanyard. Polyster fabrics are around $ .60. Woven and nylon ones are around $ .65 while dye sublimated lanyards are usually $1. Included in this pricing are the shipping, the choice of attachments, and the artwork proofs. We can assure that these prices are worth the quality and attractiveness of your accessory!

Where can we use them for?

A lanyard can be very useful to hold small electronic devices such as cameras, mp3 players, or USB Flash Drives. We give you the best way to prevent your valuables from losing, dropping, or, worse, destroying. Electronics nowadays are designed to accommodate cords and straps, so you don’t have to worry about how to attach your lanyard. With a simple knot, you can easily secure your small electronic devices with these attractive accessories. You might want to wear these around your neck, your shoulders or your wrist. We have lanyards of different dimensions and you can choose from them.

These are also commonly used to hold identification cards or badges. We provide lanyards with materials and attachments where you can attach your ID cards and other small items like keys and pens to avoid misplacing them. Because we customize your lanyard, you can decide what design, text, logo, or image you want, and we can surely cater to the needs of your companies or organizations.

This type of accessories can also be used in many events like seminars and workshops. We can easily print the name of the event on your accessory. People would always remember your event because of the attractive accessories you give them.


About Being a Keynote Speaker

Public speaking is actually a modern form of the ancient Romans’ form of oration and rhetoric. One of the many professions within the public speaking industry is being a keynote speaker. Being a professional speaker that specializes in delivering keynote addresses might be a concept that is not entirely clear to many people. People might wonder what the difference is between a keynote and an ordinary opening address. Understanding the tasks of keynote speakers will lead to a better appreciation of what the job entails.

The Tasks of a Keynote Speaker

Delivering the keynote address in front of the audience is already the end product of the professional speaker. There are a lot more tasks involved before the end product is presented to the “consumers.” Here are some of the tasks that are taken in making the keynote speech:

•    Research – keynote speakers can’t deliver keynote speeches if they don’t know what the event is about, who the other speakers are, and what type of audience they are facing. This is why research is a very important part of preparation before giving a keynote speech.

•    Writing and Editing – keynote speakers cannot afford to wing a speech. Writing down a good speech that is insightful, impactful, and informative requires a lot of editing and rewriting. Many professional keynote speakers need to go through several revisions of their speech before they deem it ready for an audience.

•    Practice – one of the most important tasks for keynote speakers is actually practicing their speech. This gives them a good idea on how their delivery is and how the audience will react to it. Some practice in front of a mirror, others practice in front of family members or their friends. To many professional keynote speakers, there is no such thing as too much practice.

Becoming a Keynote Speaker

If a person wants to become a professional keynote speaker, here are some things that he needs to keep in mind:

Speaker•    Don’t give keynote speeches for free – according to several professional keynote speakers, speaking for free will just end in a person speaking for free for the rest of their career. Speaking for free however, can be done if keynote speakers want to try something new (like talking about a completely new topic). They could do this by guest speaking for a few small-time gatherings. In larger seminars and events however, he should always ask for a professional fee.

•    Travel – many professional keynote speakers do speeches all over the world. This is a good way to spread their messages, and for them to meet and interact with many different types of people.

•    Don’t memorize word for word what the speech contains – a written draft is mostly to organize the keynote speaker’s thoughts and for him to remember the flow of his talk. He doesn’t have to memorize the entire thing word for word. It makes him sound less scripted, and in the event that he does forget a line, doesn’t make him stumble or try to remember what it is.

•    Do not assume that the audience is up to date with the latest developments – keynote speakers should assume that their audience is filled with intelligent people but they should not assume that they know every bit of news concerning the topic the speakers are talking about. Therefore, keynote speakers should take time to quickly impart how important a particular piece of news or recent event is to the event.

•    Do not underestimate your audience – listeners can be quick to note that you are simply patronizing them. Recognize and respect your audience. A good keynote speaker is that they are able to make an audience more interested in a certain topic or is able to convert a skeptic into a believer. Visit motivational-speaker-success.com for  Being a professional keynote speakers.


Types of Research Chemicals

Research chemicals have been referred to as substances that are not prohibited by law but are still considered to be experimental. These chemicals are designed to produce the same effect as other drugs like psychoactive and cannabis drugs.

They can also be called as Designer Drugs. They are often termed as research chemicals since there is still little information about their full effects. Toxicity is unknown and the effect of the drug has not been fully documented yet. Some of these chemicals became popular because of the way it is made and sold. It can even be sold online.


MephedroneThis is probably one of the most used research chemicals in the market. It has the same effect as a stimulant drug amphetamine. This drug looks like white crystalline powder. It can also be called as meph, plant food and meow-meow.

Some of the effects of mephedrone include alertness, euphoria and talkativeness. Mephedrone is known to cause heart complications, nausea, and an increase in blood pressure as well as palpitations. The high associated with the drug can often encourage other users to use it often.

Stimulants/ Entactogens

Stimulants produce the feeling of alertness making a person feel more active and energetic. It has the same effects as amphetamine and cocaine. The common names of these stimulants include 4-FA and pentedrone. Some people report feeling emotional after using the drug. Some people use stimulants to temporarily improve their mental and physical performance. Some legal stimulants are prescribed to patients who experience lethargy and fatigue. It is also used to improve concentration and reduce restlessness in people who suffer from ADHD.


Hallucinogens are research chemicals that can produce visual and auditory hallucinations. These drugs are particularly used to increase emotional effects. The use of hallucinogens can also produce a sense of detachment from the environment. Some types of hallucinogens can also induce the state of delirium where a person is unable to control their actions and are extremely confused by the situation.

Synthetic cannabis

Cannabis is a drug that mimics the effects of marijuana. Synthetic marijuana can be legally sold as medicinal herbs that can cause intoxication and euphoria when smoked. It is also used to reduce anxiety and reduce the signs of agitation.

Psychedelic drugs

Psychedelic research chemicals mimic psychoactive drugs whose primary effects include the alteration of perception and cognition. Unlike other drugs like stimulants which intensify sensual experiences, psychedelic drugs explore a different kind of consciousness that may be difficult to explain in the real world. The use of psychedelic drugs is often compared to religious ecstasy, dreaming and trance. Studies show that this type of drug can inhibit the brain’s ability to filter perceptions, emotions and memories. The effect of the drug can vary from few minutes to several days.

Phenethylamine based

Phenethylamine is a chemical that is known for its psychoactive effects in the brain. It functions as a neurotransmitter in the nervous system. Small amounts of phenethylamine are found in foods like chocolate. It is even sold as dietary supplement to aid weight loss and to improve mood swings.

Tryptamine based

Tryptamine is an alkaloid that is commonly found in plants, animals and fungi. It has the same effects as hallucinogens. Higher doses can also affect a person’s balance and vision. One type of tryptamine called as DiPT primarily affects auditory senses. Some studies are exploring this research chemical because of its complex auditory distorting effects.


Opiod is a chemical that resembles morphine and opiates. It mainly works by attaching to opiod receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. These organs are primarily associated to the effects and side effects of the drug.